Top 5 Regulated Forex Brokers For South African Traders

The company is headquartered in Ireland but has offices in Australia, British Virgin Island, Japan, and South Africa. In the last few years, thousands of Forex brokers have emerged, offering their services through online trading platforms. Unfortunately, many of them are unregulated, and you can face many problems and even suffer significant financial losses.

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  • Search whether your platform has instant/fast order execution or not.
  • The speculator looks to profit from the increase or decrease in the value of a currency pair.
  • The spreads and commissions are competitive and will vary with the currency you are trading.
  • It can help you to make a lot of profit and can also cause you losses.
  • Offers a variety of retail trading accounts, including a micro account, to suit every type of trader.

Big corporations of international standings make use of the futures and forwards markets for hedging against future fluctuation in the exchange rate. Leverage allows a Forex trader to open a trade bigger than what his trading account can bear. A trader that has just $100 in his trading account can control a position as big as $1000. Leverage allows the trader to control a huge amount of money. He can do this with a very little amount of money in his trading account. Be that as it may, none of them offers leverages as big as what obtains in the Forex market.

The beauty of Forex trading is that you do not need to own the currencies. CFD makes it possible for the trader to make money from either the rise or fall of currencies. This means that all the trading activities take place through computer networks. This means that involves traders from different parts of the world.

Pros and Cons of Khwezi Trade

The support offered to members of a forex platform is extremely important. The Financiers ensures that the brokerage company, French or foreign, provides its investors with access to a sufficient amount of data so as to be ready to make informed decisions. Before you pitch your tent with a Forex broker in Canada, you also need to investigate its trade execution. Find out if the broker fills you at the best price possible for each order. The broker needs to fill you in at the best price possible each time you buy or sell.

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Why is the bullish market important?

There is no need to buy and sell instruments in “real life”, rather trade them electronically and profit from the fluctuations. Short selling will always be a controversial issue because, morally, it means one is betting on the fall or even death of a company. But financial markets are cyclical in nature, and there will always be opportunities to sell stocks. The people who can make something out of nothing truly embody the American Dream. „How 12 Immigrants Made Billions“ tells the story of a dozen immigrants who each traveled their own private road from rags to riches. Each started with absolutely nothing, worked the lowest of the low jobs, and somehow turned their lives around to be counted among the richest in the planet.

FXOpen also offers robust trading platforms as well as accessible funding alternatives such as bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and payment portals. There are several reputable, well-regulated forex brokers in Africa that offer a penny or micro account option, and these are the finest of them. One of the advantages of the foreign exchange market is that it has a low entry barrier for new traders and those who want to start with a little investment. Cent accounts are one of the finest ways for new traders to get started trading in a live market environment without putting their money at risk, as they would with a normal account. Trade Forex for real in a pre-deposited live trading account without risking your own money or spending a dime.

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A proper understanding of the trend will help the trader to make the right choice when trading. It will also help the trader to manage his risks better. He will be able to make up his mind about when it is the best time to enter or exit a trade. The activities of these entities are the forces behind the high liquidity of the Forex market. The activities that take place in the Forex market go in the direction of the sun.

Advantages of Short Selling

The trader can also make a profit from the difference in the exchange rate. The cost of manufacturing is $100 and the sales price is €150. Exness is a well-known trading services firm with offices in the United Kingdom, SVG, and Cyprus, as well as offices in other parts of the world, including South Africa. The Financial Conduct Authority, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, and a number of other rigorous market authorities oversee Exness.

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You can trace the root of the stock market to centuries back. The Forex market, on the other hand, is relatively new. While Forex trading may be newer than stock trading, we can trace its origin back to when countries start minting currencies.

Fast Order Execution without delays or Re-quotes

The banks above are the big players in the Forex market. These banks have the correct scenario of any particular currency. They also have the overall picture of the demand and supply in the Forex market. The beautiful thing about Forex trading is that you can make money both when the Forex market is rising and falling. You can also make money from Forex trading irrespective of any condition that leads to a particular direction of movement.

With short selling the trader can act as the seller; if the expectation is for the price to drop, he will open a sell position for this instrument. In short selling one can monitor and control his investment with the use of different market orders, stop loss and others. In a market dictated by demand and supply, short selling carries an inherent risk known as a “short squeeze”.

OctaFX offers copy trading, bonus promotions, and a wide range of research tools in addition to a huge number of trading accounts. HotForex, which is a MetaTrader-only platform broker, offers six different types of trading accounts. Despite the fact that HotForex employs a more sophisticated version of MetaTrader, the number of tradable goods is limited. You’ll be seeking for currency pairs that are both incredibly liquid and volatile if you’re a day trader. As a result, you must be able to control your emotions, concentration, discipline, and stick to a trading plan in order to win in Forex day trading, all of which can be learnt.

And when you’re living in South Africa, you’re regulated by the regulatory body named FSCA. Forex trading can be deemed a risky activity if one uses a high leverage. However, with appropriate risk management, the currency market is ultimately no more risky than any other, especially if you take the time to train.


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