Wave Payroll Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing 2022

How Much Does Wave Payroll Cost? 2021

That’s hardly an unbearable tradeoff if you’re a small business looking to contain costs. Not “free” as in “free trial”; not “free” as in “free crippled features now but get everything when you pay.” It is really free for its core accounting app. It doesn’t track billable hours, and although you can track expenses, you can’t automatically attach them to invoices, so you’ll need to figure out a workaround if you need these features.

How Much Does Wave Payroll Cost? 2021

Once you’ve created a customer record, Wave creates a page for it with content divided into three sections. It also provides totals for what the customer has paid over the last 12 months and what is unpaid. Open invoices and saved credit cards appear here, too, as well as your most recent interaction with the customer. The second https://www.wave-accounting.net/ tab shows a list of the customer’s invoices, with totals for unpaid and overdue invoices, as well as the average time it takes the customer to pay. You can also record payments here and take other actions, like sending reminders. The third tab is for Activity, where you see a list of your interactions with the customer.

One-Time Licensing Fee

Wave has a clean interface, and the amount of information displayed is just right, especially for people who are not familiar with accounting. You can quickly access everything from the navigation bar on the left side of your window. The one thing the navigation bar lacks is a quick-add button, which you can only find on the dashboard. Choose from a wide range of group health coverage options to meet your employees‘ health and wellness needs. Prepare for the unexpected with simplified insurance and pay-as-you-go solutions. Create a comprehensive, professional-quality employee handbook based on federal employment law in a few simple steps.

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  • FreshBooks business accounting software offers users an impressive array of business accounting resources and support.
  • For instance, there is no accountant dashboard, which means that accountants and bookkeepers have no clear overview of their clients and the upcoming payrolls that need processing.
  • If you’re looking for free payroll software, check out our post, The Best Free Payroll Software For Businesses, to see our top free payroll software picks.

Wave Payroll is great for those needing a simple interface, intuitive categories, and not a ton of ways to get turned around inside of a program. Record templates for customers and vendors only contain fields for basic details about each in Wave. You can import customer and vendor data via CSV files or as Google Contacts. It doesn’t take long, since customer and vendor records only contain fields for extended contact information. There are more, specialized fields if you designate a vendor as a 1099 contractor, however.


More comprehensive services, like those that provide insurance benefits or handle all the tax work for you, may cost more than $60 per month. As previously mentioned, Wave offers an optional Payroll app that provides integrated payroll services to customers in eight states . For these eight states, Wave will transfer the appropriate tax payments and file How Much Does Wave Payroll Cost? 2021 all tax forms. You can connect your bank account to Wave, which will automatically import and match your banking transactions with your recorded income and expenses. The recurring invoice option can be a real time-saver, since it allows you to automatically charge your customer’s credit card each month, eliminating the need to wait for payment.

  • The best payroll service for your business will depend on factors such as how many employees you have, any budgetary considerations, and your current and future business objectives.
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  • There is also a chat feature on each page, which makes it easy for users to receive quick, personalized support.
  • Aside from subscriptions, payroll applications are also being marketed on a one-time licensing basis.
  • For business owners who want to manage payroll themselves, they must become familiar with the terminology, options, and basics of running payroll, as well as payroll tax laws to avoid making mistakes.

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