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Although, the company is not registered in the UK to provide its financial services. Moreover, according to the terms and conditions from the website, Capital Currency Trade is authorized in Dominica . I got scared, decided to take the money, received it the next day. Then it turned out that there were no problems, they simply removed the russian language from the website. I got the money back and it was on time, I managed to get a good start on bitcoin. Last week I took my profit out to fiat, again without any problems. Although I will not argue, probably, someone has problems, the reasons are different.

If for some reason you make a deposit, but the funds do not get credited to your account balance, you can visit the Trader’s Office online and then head to the Lost Transfer Notification section. There, leave a notification that includes the transfer details. The money should arrive in your account within a business day after this. If it does not, you should email the NordFX Finance Forex brokers Department. The Trader’s Office is where you will find your account information on NordFX. If you go to the Personal Settings section of the Trader’s Office, you will see your personal data as well as key account parameters, including the account type, selected credit leverage, and balance. This is where you can choose to transfer funds to either MT4 or the Trader’s Office.

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In particular, the company has been often recognized as the best broker in Asia. The broker’s operating activities are carried out by the requirements of CySEC, FSC, IFSC, and SEBI. The broker states its expertise in providing financial services with a goal to keep long-term success with advanced client protection and safety measures. Contact your broker today and find out if they offer mobile accounts.

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NordFX maintains 33 currency pairs, 11 cryptocurrency pairs, four commodities, six index CFDs, 68 equity CFDs, and five investment funds. NordFX is ideal for scalpers who require the most liquid assets with tight spreads. High-frequency traders can also benefit from the trading environment at NordFX, as long as they deploy a focused trading strategy. You can do anything with a mobile account that you would be able to do with any other brokerage account, but you can do it anywhere. You can still get trading signals, suggestions and tips from experts if your current account includes those. Sometimes you just need to provide information on the broker’s website and then you receive a login and a password. More likely, though, you will be able to access an application that lets you connect easily from your phone or tablet.

I invested $750,500 worth bitcoin with the investment compan… My acquaintance had the same problem with NordFX — he is Lithuanian, the card was verified, but they do not have a residence permit for a long time. He was swearing, like «I have nothing else to do», «I’m an EU citizen», «bureaucrats». Yesterday you opened this thread on a Forex forum, where a representative of the company started Forex brokers to correspond with you. — «partner» and the «client» used, among others, the same IP to log into the personal cabinet and the trading terminal. They don’t let me withdraw money, not even the amount of the deposit. In addition, we have previously reviewed a company affiliated with Silver Wolf Limited that has been warned against by several regulators, which doesn’t look trustworthy at all.

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Everyone dreams of opening the veil of the future, of predicting the behavior of financial instruments accurately. After all, both personal well-being and sometimes the success of an investment organization that operates with impressive resources depend on this. Impulse-based indicators and oscillators are among the most important and reliable technical analysis tools. But, like nfx com any other financial assets, these securities can not only rise, but also fall in price. Accordingly, both traders and investors can both earn and lose their money on them. In addition to the NordFX Investment Funds, the broker offers other investment products. These instruments offer maximum protection of investments along with potential profits that exceed bank deposits.

  • Now it is a well-known organization on the international market of financial services.
  • However, the financial service broker of investment firm incorporated in the UK in order to be fully legal should be licensed by the local authority FCA .
  • There are desktop versions for both Windows and Mac as well as mobile applications for both Android and iPhone.
  • Pro Accounts still have no commission and have the same leverage and account balance currencies.

Going back to 2010, the broker earned the Best Forex Dealing Service award from China’s Financial Annual Champion Awards HeXun. 2011 saw the broker earn the 7th Guangzhou International Investment & Finance Expo’s Best Forex Broker Trading China and Academy Masterforex-V’s World Best Forex Dealing Service honors. 2012 honors included a repeat of the latter, as well as the World Best Micro Forex Broker honor from the same organization and the title of Best Broker for Trading with Advisors from the IAFT Awards.

The broker offers professionals and beginners to work with NordFX investment funds. There are 3 programs, so everyone can choose the one appropriate to their needs and financial capabilities. There are also PAMM accounts for those who do not know how to trade in the Forex market or simply do not have enough time to do so. A person can transfer his funds into the management of traders and receive income even without experience. On the Nord Fx platform, it is possible to make transactions with 4 crypto indices and 16 cryptocurrency pairs. According to the website, Go Capital FX provides an opportunity for traders of the different skills level to earn money in the financial market through a wide range of trading tools. Among the assets, they offer CFDs on metals, energy, indices and shares of companies; Forex and future.

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The service is also simple to use and reliable thanks to daily backups of all the stored data. As with any reputable broker, NordFX offers a range of tools traders to use to help them strategize and make a profit. One of these features is regular analysis and market news, including weekly forecasts for both forex and cryptocurrencies. NordFX broker was founded in 2008 as an investment company providing financial services to both retail clients and institutional investors. The company’s activities and services are licensed by the Financial Services Commission Republic of Mauritius. The broker’s central office is also located in the Republic of Mauritius. The company’s clients are traders from all over the world; over the years of its activity, the broker has repeatedly received awards and prizes from the world’s leading financial media.


You will be able to make transactions not only with cryptocurrencies, but also with currencies, gold, silver, oil, stock indices and shares of the world’s largest Forex brokers companies. The overall winners for Sustainable Banks, Internet, Retail, SME, Innovative Banks and Forex Broker and Asset Management Company were announced.

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The Signals service has an easy subscription and includes protection against wrong calculations for trading lot sizes as well as excessive deposit loads. It is highly secure for the signals providers and traders and includes transparency for the trading history.

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And that trader left you his deposit and that Partner received nothing for attracting a new client. Generally, we advise www nfx traders to choose from UK, Australian or other well-regulated brokers, where their funds will be protected.


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