How to convert an Android app to iOS: The comprehensive guide

Programming languages, like other languages, have their syntax and semantics, rules, algorithms, etc. The process of converting an Android app to an iOS app is not the same as simply copying an app. It entails conforming to new platform specifics, and as a result, it may be possible to enhance a product with new functionality. Once you’ve found some sense of security, converting an Android app to iOS can help you in various ways. Both mobile app platforms cover up to 95 percent of mobile devices available worldwide (74.94 percent on Android, 19.84 percent on iOS). These features allow developers to offer their own personal touch to the app and make it more engaging for users.

how to convert an android app to iOS

Moreover, hybrid HTML5 apps usually have poorer performance, a sluggish UI, and higher battery consumption. That is, check if all features that the app already had are enabled , the UI itself shouldn’t be too different, unlike navigational patterns. The material design implies a hierarchical arrangement of objects while Apple tries to make objects look flush.

❓ FAQ on Porting iOS App to Android (and Vice Versa)

It is feasible to opt for a maximum of ten devices and go ahead with the apt OS respectively. The newer version of Android 4.4 KitKat covers the majority of smartphones. This money should be paid for the activation of the experienced programmer’s account. When compared to the iOS platform, protocols for uploading Android apps are minimum strict. At present, there are nearly four million apps in the Play Store, and the App store possesses nearly two and a half million. The porting process of an app from one platform to another may increase the profit.

This implies that Android users are far more than iPhone users. Seamless and intuitive navigation flow like the porting Android App. You can download and install J2ObjC following instructions in the Google/J2ObjC GitHub repository.

Reasons Why Porting Android to iOS Will Help Your Business Grow

It is vivid and clear when we are talking about the shift from iOS to Android. Furthermore, it opens huge possibilities and undercovers the potential of Asian and Eastern European markets, not talking about Africa and South America. Upgrading to the latest iOS is simple; simply reconvert your app. MechDome ensures iOS integration without requiring any code changes.

When you realize that mobile application development is the perfect solution to tackle a core business problem, you need to look into which platform to choose. In other words, you need to decide whether you should build an Android app or an iOS app. Android phones have a much larger user count compared to iPhones. IOS is comparatively faster, easier to use, and more secure than Android. But, for developers, iOS is a much more profitable platform to work on. Moreover, the user base on the iOS platform is more prone to convert into customers than Android’s user base.

What is to be done with different programming languages?

It advises users to avoid group shots, kid pictures, covered faces and nude pictures. Once inside the app, tap the Select Audio button, to choose the mp3 clip saved on your phone. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. Check the business logic and apply it to the new project.

  • These apps often don’t have as smooth UX as native apps do.
  • To summarize, I have already mentioned two methods to convert an Android app to iOS.
  • Then, adapting to all the other options happens automatically.
  • Understanding what kind of languages the app supports before porting it becomes crucial.
  • Before proceeding further, it is important for a developer to have JDK 1.8 or higher, Mac laptop or workstation, Mac OS X 10.11 and above, and Xcode 7 and above.
  • The purpose of this guide is to help you make the transition from Android to iOS or from iOS back into Android.

The magic key is a so-called comparable syntax, so the developers can understand the code of each other even if they do not work with some particular language. Is impossible to even with similar languages like Swift and Kotlin, having a lot in common in their syntax. The time of conversion depends on a lot of factors, and language peculiarities are just one of them. Support will not become an issue too if you pick a professional agency as the service provider. If the agency really has a good hand in shifting and converting apps from one platform to another, it can provide complete high-quality support. That is all about The comprehensive guide to convert an Android app to iOS.

However, the result won’t be clear, and in any way, you will have to spend a lot of time rewriting and reviewing the code. IOS apps and Android apps are built with different programming languages. You can not recompile the code easily to fit the iOS app architecture specifics. The mirroring factor is about your app supporting the RTL and correct content display.

Remember that testing alone may take up to about 30% of your total app development time and budget if you’re hiring someone to test your app. Making apps on it is a lot easier, as you don’t have to write a lot of code, no matter how complex your app is. Moreover, iOS apps get developed a lot quicker compared to Android apps. The bottom line is whether the business organization is looking to convert Android app to iOS or iOS app to Android, they must make the development time shorter.

This one is mainly subject to the shape, structure, and abstraction of the app. On the other side of the flip Android integrates with standard designs. From our side, we would kindly recommend you work with a development agency. The reason is simple -the team in the agency has all the needed skills to process the conversion and cope with the appearing challenges. As a rule, post-release support is also included in the set of services.

Market Analysis

They each have millions of users and their own unique set of benefits. When you choose to develop an app for your users, you also need to choose a device platform to accomplish your goal. And it largely depends on the available resources, the level of popularity in your immediate region, or the conditions.

how to convert an android app to iOS

The app’s appearance includes more aspects to consider than screen sizes when you convert Android apps to iOS. One of the critical factors distinguishing Android and iOS apps is navigation — buttons vs. swiping and gestures. Google has ensured that all the runtime and language features of Java are there in J2ObjC.

What are the major Advantages of Converting an Android App To iOS App?

Experienced professionals aid to gain fame and popularity and achieve success in your business. For the conversion of iOS apps to Android app, it is tedious to use app converters and programming translators. The porting process initiates a deeper understanding of programming.

It is essential to execute the plan and go ahead with the timeline frames. At the same time, you should also know about the issues which are raised due to porting. You have to clear the errors and build an Android app that satisfies business demands & needs. While transforming an iPhone app to Android, you have to consider the set of strategies. A series of steps that help in the process of mobile app portability are discussed in the upcoming points.

How to Convert Android App to iOS in 4 Simple Steps

This app will help you find out if your device can be used on iOS devices. It also has a compatibility tester for iOS devices that will tell you whether or not your phone or tablet how to convert an android app to iOS can run the latest version of Apple’s operating system. It’s good for the start-ups to select a platform to optimize their time and with a limited income, time is very limited.

IOS UI code is typically written in Objective-C, Objective-C++, or Swift. IOS developers create iOS user interfaces using Apple’s iOS’software development kit . As a result, you’ll need two iOS developers with these skills. You will also require the services of a user interface designer. Once you have developed the app according to your preferences, it’s time to run different tests to analyze its functionality.

You need to hire talented developers and they will see to it that the re-coding does not cause the entry of any new bugs. They will also validate all the possible compatibilities and sync them with the converted app’s specifications. You also need to integrate needed integrations such as payment gateways, social integrations, data analytics modules, order delivery, etc. You also need to make certain that the workflow is adequately flexible to handle all the essential project stages.

Why Should You Port an iOS App to Android App?

So it is not the best idea ever to make an app for the latest version. You won’t like it and you, technically, shouldn’t, but the only way out here is to create an app, that works well with all OS versions from the very beginning. The common syntax allows developers to understand the code in both languages, even without actual skill in programming. The second method to convert an Android app to iOS is more complex. Besides that, it also requires a significant amount of custom development. Therefore , this will take more time and an experienced team.

Therefore, it makes deployment easy for developers as apps developed on XCode can be perfectly optimized for all iOS/macOS devices. Also, considering all iPhones share similar shapes, apps fit perfectly on the screen. When converting an Android app to iOS takes place, it becomes almost impossible to recompile the code. Apart from the programming language, the application utilizes third-party integrations, external solutions, and libraries.

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