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Good site safety is practically a science in its own right, and by retraining for jobs in health and safety, you can quickly gain a good understanding of the issues that apply to the role. Working as an administrative assistant allows you to use your organisational skills, and training courses in office administration can strengthen your CV by showing your abilities in those areas. Hospitality jobs put you in a consumer-facing role, helping to deliver the best quality of service for your guests. There have always been options to work from home, eg roles such as online tutoring. Many employers are now being more flexible with how they offer traditional desk-based jobs. For example, there are increasing options to work remotely in administrative, IT, sales, or customer-service roles.

Beyond that, the very nature of remote work and online jobs is that anyone can do it from anywhere, as long as they have the right qualifications and temperament. Perhaps coincidentally, two of those companies are not doing very well at the moment. Nonetheless, the trend for remote work and therefore online jobs is luckily moving upwards. The push and search for online jobs reflects in general the push for more remote work worldwide. If you are looking for a new remote role, then you will need to tailor your job searching strategies accordingly. You may also need to tweak your application to highlight your suitability for a remote job. It’s also important to factor in security as you will not have the opportunity to meet employers face-to-face.

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There are no set qualifications for becoming a social media manager but you will need a strong understanding of social media platforms, especially in relation to marketing and branding. Building your own online presence across a range of channels can be a good starting point. Fake jobs – As more people are searching for opportunities to work remotely, so too are more home scams promising quick money.

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5 Jobs To Start A Career In Crypto And Blockchain.

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Graphic designers work with computer software or by hand to create visual concepts that communicate ideas to consumers. They give organisations their visual brand, working on a range of products from websites to posters.

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You should not rely on any of the information on the site in connection with the making of any personal decisions and you should always do your own in-depth research first. There are lots of flexible ways to learn at your own pace, in your own time and in a place you feel comfortable. There are many different types of engineering, from chemical engineers and materials engineers, to electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. Dedicated training courses can get you into your discipline of choice. It helps to have a good grasp of STEM subjects, as you may need to work with quantities and measurements, as well as a strong understanding of physical forces and how they affect built structures.

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Most online jobs offer only what’s known as a “competitive salary,” which normal means at or slightly below market level. Therefore, you’ll never really have to pay anyone, especially not for online jobs search. If you have to pay in order to play, then you can be assured it’s a scam. Add onto that the fact that there are a lot of scams that can cause you to lose a lot of time and money, you soon realize that finding online jobs is much more trickier than it looks.


Travel agents give advice on destinations and arrange everything from transport to entertainment. Those with a niche, such as luxury travel for wealthy clients, can demand a premium. You don’t necessarily need to be a qualified teacher but will generally need to be educated to degree level. You will also need an up-to-date disclosure certificate if you’re working with children. Most are self-employed and will find opportunities through UK-wide networks and agencies. Although many VAs have previously worked as a PA, no specific qualifications are needed, so it’s a popular choice for people with strong organisational skills looking to work from home.

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  • They can also provide you with vital skills in communication, proactivity, coaching and advising that can be carried into a range of industries.
  • Not to mention the fact that you’ll save lots of money on lunches, seeing as you’ll be preparing your own.

Every aspect of a graphic designer is done from behind a screen, yet becoming a graphic designer is not a skill that can be mastered overnight. However, if you’re someone that always creates work of the highest standards, many companies won’t mind where in the world you do your best courses work. In order to do remote working, you’ll need solid proof of your creativity in the form of a portfolio, especially if you are freelancing. The social media giants are going to continue to adjust their algorithms to increase revenue from advertising and premium services.

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One way to find that career is a retraining course, which can help you develop new skills specific to certain jobs or careers. We are looking for a fantastic Admin Assistant to join our Partnership. Run your own business with our support Our Partnership opportunity offers a secured income, training, free marketing and ongoing support.

  • After all, the money saved on office space, utilities and more makes a lot of sense for businesses.
  • As a Freelance Accounting Expert Copywriter, you’ll fulfill the goals of our Answers project by publishing short yet robust answers that contain clear and relevant content according to project specifications.
  • There is less spontaneity and personal connection when those conversations are mainly conducted online.
  • Check that your profile is up to date too, whether that is skills, qualifications, work experience or a photo.
  • In order to do remote working, you’ll need solid proof of your creativity in the form of a portfolio, especially if you are freelancing.

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